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Mindful Motivators for a Mid-Year Boost

I’m finding less people excited about the trends that create opportunities right in front of them. Many are feeling overwhelmed by issues and some are slacking on their fundamentals. Once that happens you become like a boxer on the ropes – it’s just a matter of time before you get knocked out.

Executive Coach
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Secrets of Highly Productive People: Water and Wait

The process of planting seed can be exciting. During this time the vision is fresh, expectations are high, and energy levels are at their peak. However, planting seed is not the end of the process. Highly Productive People know it’s just the beginning. They understand the power of watering and waiting.

Executive Coach
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Steps to Win Your Morning Routine

As much as we try to create a winning morning routine, many of us check our email as soon as we wake up – and dive right into it. It’s the same for the president of the company as it is for the sales professional – we want to grow and improve, but unless we’re conscious about it, nothing changes.

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