Your Life Plan Should Never Leave Your Desktop

Post by Tim Enochs on September 28, 2016
Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy recently spoke to an audience of executives at their corporation’s customized Experience about prioritizing what is truly important to you. Urging them to make tough choices each day to get the results they want in work and life, he asked, “Are you giving your leftovers to the people who mean the most to you?” 

There are three basic reasons for regular reviews of your Life Plan:
  1.  Keep your plan alive in your heart  – A well-written Life Plan is hollow if it’s not read and reviewed on a regular basis.
  2.  Spot an early warning sign of the drift – Jim Rohn once said, “What is easy to do is easy not to do.” It’s easy to get carried away by the drift before you even know you are in it.
  3. Celebrate progress – You may have heard: what gets measured gets improved. Regular reviews help you see your progress and recognize the power of each small “win” over time.
Frequently reviewing your Life Plan increases your personal accountability and keeps your priorities top-
of-mind. Is yours easily accessible?

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