As an ER physician and an executive coach, Drew leads teams through crisis driven and high-conflict work environments.
Full Bio

My expertise is in helping people with their thinking and belief structure so they can make the right decisions and influence the right people. Not as a consultant - but as a Coach.

"Drew is absolutely amazing at finding the things you allow to stop your productivity. He truly digs in and helps you discover all your potential."

Dino Savant, Business Owner

"In terms of results, I had the most effective year of my career. My market revenue is up over 200%."

Iain, Business Executive

Areas of Expertise

  • Crisis Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Professional Growth
  • Priority Organization
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Science

Drew's dynamic leadership background and work history has transformed the lives of many. With extensive experience in removing barriers to success and using practical and proven methods to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability, Drew helps his clients boost profitability and job satisfaction.

As a practicing emergency physician at a major trauma & medical center in Southern California, a senior partner in his emergency medicine group, and quality assurance director, Drew continues to lead teams through crisis-driven, high-conflict and stressful work environments. Through applied coaching techniques, his never-crack-under-pressure demeanor and strong leadership abilities, Drew continues to transform the culture of his team to improve service quality, workplace communication and customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Building Champions, Drew had his own coaching company and continues to make a powerful impact on the lives of others. By combining his passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching with his experience in the chaotic world of Emergency Medicine, Drew helps business leaders and healthcare providers minimize their blind spots, improve communication and conflict management skills, cast powerful visions and master their leadership abilities. He also helps leaders navigate complex and ambiguous legal situations with practical problem solving strategies that build resilience and support throughout the lawsuit process.

Drew earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Stanford University where he was a scholarship athlete, and his Doctor of Medicine from Jefferson Medical College where he was an academic scholar; he then returned to Stanford for his emergency medicine residency. In addition to his education in medicine, Drew holds a number of coaching credentials including: Board Certification, Associated Certified Coach, Leadership Circle 360 Certified, Strengths Deployment Inventory Certified and Certified Physician Development Coach. As a coach, consultant, strategist and speaker, Drew continually equips others to reduce conflict, build teams and drive results.

Drew currently lives in Newport Beach with his high school sweetheart and three children with whom he loves spending time. His family and friends speak often of his curiosity, enthusiasm, authenticity, wisdom, and quirky humor. Outside of work Drew holds true to his life long passions for learning and fitness as an avid reader and swimmer.

Drew Lawson

Executive Coach