Enthusiastic about critical thinking, Laurel presents a unique paradigm as a coach with the ability to analyze systems and processes.
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Coaching is an opportunity to expand beyond your horizon, allow someone into your work who has a vested interest in your success and learn from their experiences.

"Coach Laurel led me to a place of greater clarity and focus, and the results are showing up in every area of our organization."

Lee Radford

"There is no doubt Laurel will help me accomplish and conquer the next level beyond what I would be able to on my own."

Diane Clark

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Direction & Development
  • Succession Planning & Exit Planning
  • Change Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Operations & Administration
  • Leadership Development

Enthusiastic about critical thinking within organizational contexts, Laurel present a unique paradigm as a coach with the ability to analyze systems and processes at both the institutional and personal levels. With a listening ear and astute discernment, Laurel excels in understanding and connecting with the needs of her clients. Devoted to the awareness and development of leadership ethos, Laurel has been a coach and mentor long before she joined Building Champions in 2014.

Laurel's career spans over 20 years of experience in strategy, administration, and operations, primarily in healthcare and education, in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Through her own boutique firm, she consulted clients in strategy and business management, as well as provided executive coaching for leadership development. Prior to starting her own company, Laurel was the Chief of Staff at a $1-billion healthcare company where she oversaw strategic development, and led and managed cross-functional teams. In addition to her formal roles, Laurel serves as a mentor to women who are seeking to learn more about themselves and how they can pursue purpose and intentionality professionally and personally. Laurel is passionate about supporting organizations that are making a difference in peoples' lives. She is currently serving as Vice President for an international women's organization that raises money for college and graduate school scholarships and low-interest loans for women.

Laurel has a Ph.D. in the disciplines of Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Development, as well as an M.B.A.

Laurel lives in San Luis Obispo county, California with her husband, Corey. In addition to reading, writing, fly fishing, and traveling, she loves sinking her toes into the cool sandy beaches of the Pacific while watching the sun set.

Laurel Emory

Executive Coach