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    Lucian Green

    Lucian works as Coach Coordinator, assisting Coaches Dan Breene, Dan Foster and Shannon Eckmann. He takes great joy in working with his team and coaches to provide a quality experience for clients. His attention to detail and sense of connectedness allow him to see how every project and client interaction – no matter how small – carries meaning and contributes to Building Champions vision.

    Prior to joining Building Champions in 2015, Lucian worked as a barista and an office administrator for a small counseling clinic. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minor in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College (IL).

    Born in Virginia and reared in the Midwest, Lucian now calls Oregon home. He met his beautiful wife Hannah in their college experimental psychology class (turns out the experiment was a success!), and they enjoy living life together with their church missional community. Lucian's passions include skateboarding, writing, jazz and craving his momma's fried chicken.