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    Molly Cansler

    Molly is a thoughtful team member and continual learner whose goal is to leave things better than they were before. With a degree in Microbiology and minor in Chemistry, Molly values hard work, welcomes new ideas and truly enjoys helping people. Her positive personality and self-driven motivation make her a perfect fit for the Building Champions team.

    As a Sales Operations Assistant, Molly works to create a premier level of customer experience. Her background in chemistry adds a scientific approach to the sales process and allows her to see opportunities with a technical eye.

    Growing up in Wisconsin, Molly has an affinity for the outdoors, especially paddling outrigger and dragon-boats. She lives in Portland with her husband, Chad, and their pit-bull, Cassidy. She enjoys restoring classic English cars and can be seen cruising in her 1966 MG Midget.