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    Pat Holzbach

    Pat is an Executive Assistant to Greg Harkavy and Tom Brewer. She is passionate about anticipating their needs, enabling them to flourish in the coach's chair. Pat has an incredible talent for strategic thinking, she is always looking for opportunities to create or add value. A true maximizer, Pat is known for not settling for anything less than excellence.

    Before Building Champions, Pat worked in efficiency management for government branches and as an Executive Assistant in the private industry, nonprofits and higher education. She received her Bachelor's degree in Human Development.

    Originally from Virginia, Pat and her delightful Southern twang now call Oregon home. Being adventurous and a lifelong learner, Pat is not one for sitting around. She loves to see new things and explore new places around the Pacific Northwest with her dog, Mickey. She also has a special fondness for "La Dolce Vita" – the sweet life – of Italy.