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As a leader, you face ever-increasing challenges

The rapid pace of change and rising demands may make you feel like you are reacting more than leading. You’re ready for an outside perspective to help you focus your time and energy, regain balance and lead by example.

Whether it’s on the field, onstage or in the boardroom, coaches provide the inspiration and motivation behind amazing performances. By working with one of our executive coaches, you can take your natural leadership abilities to the next level.

At Building Champions, our 20 years of experience and proven methods help leaders meet and exceed their goals in all areas of business and life. Our team of coaches have firsthand experience in business and come from varied backgrounds, ensuring that we can connect you with the right coach for your unique needs. 

“A life-transforming experience would be a vast understatement. My coach helped me define true success and then start achieving it, layer-by-layer. My life now has a plan and I am living it. I am literally a new man with a new hunger for life – someone who is living his dream rather than wishing, waiting and wondering if I ever could.”

- Allen Arnold, Former Sr. Vice President, Thomas Nelson Publishing

We're focused on results

2018 Survey of Coaching Clients

71 respondents
Felt Challenged to Learn and Develop


Improved Perspective


Experienced Personal Growth


Increased Accountability


Achieved one or more goals


Become a leader who others want to follow

You’re a leader 24 hours a day, not just from 9 to 5. When you build a life that’s rich with relationships, interests, health and giving, you find greater fulfillment while setting the best example for your team. Take the first step by creating a Life Plan that will allow you and those you lead to fight the drift and build net worth in all areas of life. Living Forward is your guide to start living with intention.

Create a Life Plan
Building Champions | Living Forward
Living Forward

Living Forward, by Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt, a Building Champions client and NY Times best selling author, offers a practical, step by step approach to creating a life plan.

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