Executive Coaching

As an executive, you've made it to the top.

You’re no stranger to overcoming challenges. Now you’re ready for a fresh perspective and an objective sounding board. You’re looking for a way to build on your strengths, expand your influence and develop a vision for your team. And you’d like to apply your business success to other areas of your life. It’s time to get the right coach in your corner.

The greatest leaders, strongest athletes and most talented performers have all relied on coaches to help them reach new heights. Building Champions executive coaches have real-world experience leading complex businesses and are ready to provide the fresh perspective and wisdom to help you achieve your goals.

Through more than 20 years of working with executives, Building Champions has developed a proven process that drives strong outcomes.


  • Improved personal leadership and work/life balance
  • Greater perspective and self-awareness
  • Increased action toward succession planning, P&L leadership and revenue growth
  • Development of strategic vision
  • Creation of dynamic and healthy cultures
  • Greater success and measurable results

"My Executive Coach has stretched my thinking continuously for the last six years, often challenging my comfort zones, allowing me to really grow as a leader in life and work. Not only has he made a memorable and measurable difference in my life, he’s done the same for multiple members of our team."

- Ryan Wall, CEO of FHI

You'll Receive

  • A dedicated coach with real-world executive experience
  • An initial full-day, one-on-one, in-person session with your executive coach
  • Two in-person days for executive retreat, team retreat, or coach observation
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Call
    A year of bi-weekly 45-minute coaching sessions by phone
  • Supervisor Interview
    A coach-led feedback interview with your leader or board chair

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