Lehman-Roberts Co. Empowers Leaders and Develops a Strategy for Success

The Situation

As a Southern Division Manager for Lehman-Roberts Co., Michael Ellis knows the fast-paced roadway construction industry well. But a few years ago, he found that he was so bogged down by day-to-day issues that he barely had time for strategic work. With many of his 65 employees planning to retire in the coming years, he needed to build up new leaders and develop an overarching strategy for the division’s success.

How Southern Division Manager Michael Ellis is building up leaders and prioritizing long-term growth

About Lehman-Roberts Co.

In its fourth generation of family ownership, Lehman-Roberts Company is a hot mix asphalt producer and paving contractor that works throughout the Mid-South to construct, maintain and improve roadways. Serving both the commercial and public asphalt markets, Lehman-Roberts Company conducts business in west Tennessee, east Arkansas and north/central Mississippi.

  • Michael was matched with Executive Coach Adam Brantley, who provides Executive Coaching.
  • Michael and Coach Adam met for an In-Person Coaching Day to work out a plan for the company’s upcoming reorganization and retirements.
  • Through regular calls, Coach Adam helped Michael see that he needed to delegate more tasks to his employees so that he could dedicate his time to high-payoff activities like planning and strategy.
  • Working from the plan he had created with Coach Adam, Michael began coaching his new leaders and empowering them to take on greater responsibility.
  • Michael wrote a Life Plan to identify his main priorities, such as his family. Coach Adam guided him to stay on track with his plan and keep moving toward the future he wanted.


  • Since he began empowering his employees, Michael’s phone rings less often. His employees work more efficiently because they’re able to solve problems and make decisions on their own.
  • With many of the day-to-day tasks off his plate, Michael is now free to focus on growing the division, developing leaders and other high-payoff activities that contribute to his long-term strategy.
  • Michael cherishes time with his wife and children and makes room in his schedule for quiet time outside of work.

“Coaching is not only helping me be a better leader — it’s helping me be a better person.”

- Michael Ellis, Southern Division Manager, Lehman-Roberts Co.

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