RE/MAX Signature Broker Regains Passion and Joy While Growing Her Business

The Situation

Phoenix real estate broker Christy Walker started her RE/MAX Signature franchise on the eve of the Great Recession in 2007 and managed to keep her team afloat through several tough years. But her business still wasn’t growing the way she wanted it to, and she was working long hours and missing out on time with her family. She wanted more direction and a coach who could help her take her business to the next level.

How RE/MAX Signature Broker Christy Walker is successfully balancing business, family and personal time

About RE/MAX Signature Broker Christy Walker

Christy Walker is a tech-savvy real estate broker who has dedicated her career to serving with excellence. She opened her RE/MAX Signature office in Phoenix in 2007 and takes an individualized approach with each client to assess their needs and goals. She also enjoys training other agents on the fundamentals of success.

  • To gain perspective from an expert outside her industry, Christy started working with a small business coach from Building Champions.
  • Working with her coach, Christy wrote a Business Plan and Business Vision to identify where she wanted her business to go and what she needed to do to get there.
  • In regular coaching calls, Christy’s coach gave her the accountability she needed to stay focused on her goals. As she followed through on small steps and daily disciplines, she was able to see consistent forward progress in her business.
  • By asking probing questions and challenging her responses, Christy’s coach helped her prioritize family time and hobbies outside of work so that she could pursue a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Since starting coaching four years ago, Christy has seen her business grow to new levels, largely due to the clarity and focus she's developed with her coach. Her gross commission income is up 86 percent, her brokerage has also grown from four agents to seven and profitability is up 15 percent. 
  • With her priorities in place, Christy now spends quality time with her family and has picked up hobbies that had fallen by the wayside before. “I feel like I have passion and joy in life again,” she says.

“One thing I love about Building Champions is that there’s always a call to go higher. It’s digging deeper, it’s pushing forward, it’s taking new territory.”

- Christy Walker, RE/MAX Signature Broker

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