The Family Dental Center Thrives Through Succession and Change

The Situation

After three decades of running a family dental practice, Dr. Greg Gilbaugh was ready to plan his transition out of clinical dentistry so he could focus on developing his team and build a sustainable future for the practice. But as he compiled his 10-year plan, he realized that he didn’t have many examples to follow in dentistry. Greg knew he didn’t want to sell his practice and take a leisurely retirement like his peers were doing, but he wasn’t sure how to pave a different way forward. “I needed some outside help,” he says. “I needed someone to evaluate the plan with me.”

How Dr. Greg Gilbaugh is charting his own course in retirement, developing leaders and growing his practice

About The Family Dental Center

Since 1986, The Family Dental Center has been providing trusted dentistry for entire families in the Iowa City-North Liberty-Coralville area and beyond. With an experienced staff and family-like atmosphere, they provide comprehensive dentistry for everyone from grandchildren to grandparents. The Family Dental Center believes in creating beautiful smiles and building lasting relationships.

  • To get an outside perspective on his plan, Greg started working with a small business coach.
  • In regular coaching calls, Greg’s coach helped him think critically about what he wanted to do over the next 10 years and identify specific steps he needed to take to make it happen.
  • Providing objective feedback and business insights, Greg’s coach showed him how to adapt his natural tendencies and develop his leadership style to lead his team well.
  • When a health issue forced Greg to retire from clinical dentistry earlier than planned, he was able to make a smooth transition. Because of the preparation and planning Greg had done with his coach, he accomplished his 10-year plan in only three years.
  • In his new, non-clinical role, Greg can focus his energy on developing his team and making The Family Dental Center the employer of choice in his industry.
  • Greg’s business is growing. He’s overseeing the launch of The Family Dental Center’s second clinic.

“My coach helped me accomplish my 10-year plan in three years.” 

- Greg Gilbaugh, Owner, The Family Dental Center

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