From Manager to Coaching Leader

Employees want and expect more from their leaders and organizations than ever before. They’re not just looking to be managed – they want to find a place where they belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop.

So for you to meet this need (and develop a magnetic culture while delivering extraordinary results in the process), you need to be more than a manager – you need to become a coaching leader.

Based on both research and hands-on experience coaching high-performing leaders, teams and organizations for more than 20 years, join Building Champions CEO and best-selling author, Daniel Harkavy, as he walks you through four steps to become a coaching leader.

  • Mindset – The mindsets and beliefs that drive great coaching leaders
  • Skills – Key skills all coaching leaders need to be effective
  • Focus – Conversations every manager must have with their employees
  • Structure – Proven systems and tools to improve your coaching effectiveness