Leading Through This Crisis

3-Part Video Series

Pulling from our 25 years of working with high-performing leaders and organizations (in both good times and bad) – along with the current conversations we’re having with hundreds of leaders in real-time – we’re hosting a 3-part video series to help you improve how you lead yourself, your team and your organization through this crisis.

In each video, we’ll unpack three crucial areas that you can’t miss if you want to effectively lead through this current crisis. You’ll walk away with proven and practical tips, tools and strategies that you can implement right away.

Episode 1: Self-Leadership

Led by Executive Coach Dan Foster

In order to give our best to those around us, we need to be at our best. Given the added pressure most of us are under, that can be especially difficult without an intentional plan. We’ll walk through three areas that are crucial right now to lead yourself well.

Episode 2: Team Effectiveness

Led by Executive Coach Jonathan Rogers

During this crisis, most teams aren’t able to connect or collaborate the way they used to. We’ll cover three areas that all teams and leaders must be focused on if they want to remain aligned and effective during this season.

Episode 3: Leading Your Organization Through Crisis

Led by Executive Coach Daniel Harkavy

For the majority of senior leaders, leading your organization today is more difficult than it was at the beginning of the year. We’ll explore areas that can position you to not only survive this season but position your organization to accelerate into the next.