Becoming a Coaching Leader

Use coaching to create vibrant and engaged teams

Learn why coaching is your most effective management tool. In Becoming a Coaching Leader, Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy offers practical advice on why you should add "coach" to your corporate title and how to use coaching skills to create vibrant and engaged teams.

Becoming a Coaching Leader

In Becoming a Coaching Leader, Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy shows leaders how to use coaching skills to achieve greater success within their organizations.

Harkavy writes from his own experience, having transitioned from his successful career in finance to his role as CEO and Head Coach at Building Champions, a company he founded as a way to help others find fulfillment in work and life. Read Daniel's story.


  • A strong understanding of coaching skills and behaviors and how to apply them
  • Increased leadership capacity
  • Improved ability to develop your team
  • Thriving employees
  • Stronger work culture

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The Becoming a Coaching Leader Workshop

In this hands-on 2-day workshop designed for managers and leaders, you'll gain skills that will improve your ability to develop people and deliver results. Your executive coach will guide you through the mindsets and beliefs of coaching leaders and offer practical ways to develop your coaching skills. You’ll walk away with systems and disciplines to be an effective Coaching Leader and a proven framework to drive alignment, engagement and results.

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A Guide to Coaching Leadership

In this complimentary Guide to Coaching Leadership e-book, you'll learn:

  • What employees need to be fully engaged at work
  • Key characteristics and commitments of a Coaching Leader
  • How to become a more effective communicator 
  • Tips for giving powerful feedback
  • Practical systems to consistently coach and develop your people

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"Becoming a Coaching Leader is a how-to guide for anyone who wants to transform their lives and those of the people they lead and serve. It is a reservoir of concepts, ideas and tools that will help so many readers be the leaders they are meant to be and help others to do the same."

- Patrick Lencioni, Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


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