As 2020 comes to a close, Daniel Harkavy reflects on the year and shares the importance of creating a Life Plan. If this year has left you feeling off-course or adrift, it’s time to review, reflect, and plan.


Whether you lead at home or work, how you start and end your day plays a significant role in how you show up as a leader, a friend, and a partner.
Principal Coach Dan Foster walks you through how to “bookend your day”, highlighting key elements to intentionally include in your morning and night routines to improve your well-being and productivity.


Dan Foster, Principal Coach at Building Champions, talks about the importance of transforming our beliefs in the journey to Becoming a Coaching Leader and shares six questions every coaching leader must answer. Watch Dan’s short video to learn how you can transform your beliefs.


Todd Mosetter, Vice President and Executive Coach at Building Champions, talks about strengths and weaknesses. Instead of the traditional way we think of strengths and weaknesses, Todd presents a new way to frame them that can help you destress and reenergize.


Over the past several months, most of us have found ourselves forced to re-work and re-examine our routines and rhythms, especially around how we start our days. With work and life and everything else being smashed together in new and challenging ways, many of our clients have found their morning routines disrupted and tested. Even leaders who would have considered their routines an area of strength in the past have experienced some new challenges in our new reality.


Starting your day right is about more than just “waking up on the right side of the bed.” It requires purpose and intentionality.


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Learning to walk in someone else’s shoes or seeing things from their perspective can go a long way in generating harmony between people. However, like many things worth doing, it’s often easier said than done. Executive Coach Todd Mosetter shares one simple way to help change what you think and feel about those around you.

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