Dead on Arrival Marketing: Can Your Business Find You?

How do I standout in today’s marketplace? It’s a fair question and the answer may be found in your strategy. Times & tools have changed, but when serving your clients, the song remains the same: Can Your Business Find You?

Sorry Madison Avenue – we’re over you. Long gone are the days where a few men in suits could huddle in a smoky room and decide what kind of toothpaste we should buy. Welcome to 2015 – the era of inbound marketing. Most consumers today feel empowered by technology that allows them to get what they want to find. As opposed to following traditional outbound marketing strategies that tell them what to do.

Not so sure? Consider this, in 1999 we used to:

  • find good sales in print ads – we now find deals on mobile apps like Groupon and Yelp
  • read magazine articles – we now follow Twitter, blogs and RSS news feeds
  • watch cable television – we now stream content on Netflix and YouTube
  • get cold called – we now navigate Google to find anything and everyone
  • attend trade shows – we now log-in to webinars or “meet” on Hangouts and Skype

A lot has changed in just a short period of time. Most of us have accepted that we search, browse and hear about things today on blogs, social media and web sites because they contain the information we care about. We filter out the rest.

Business owners would be wise to think like consumers if they have any hope of being relevant, because most of what you used to know about marketing is dead on arrival. It seems to me that everyone who used to want to sell me traditional advertising now wants to sell me social media solutions. Somehow I smell an old wolf in a new sheep’s clothing – just follow the money.

So where do you start if you believe in what you are selling and you believe you need to get dialed into online communities to stay in the game? The answer is: content is the king… and optimization is the key. But before you start creating content and posting it, slow down… and ask yourself a few questions like:

Who am I trying to reach and where are they already hanging out? What is the best delivery tool for my communications? When is my next content development planning meeting? Why does my emotionally based marketing message matter? Where will I find the time to manage an online presence?

If you are stuck on any of these questions, then I’d suggest you work on these before you start optimizing key-words and posting your calls to action. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with your results. These are discussions I enjoy having with my clients and my followers, so please… feel free to post a comment or email me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


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