Looking for Meaningful Work? Our Executive Coaches Weigh In

The search for meaning is a tale as old as time. No one person has ever escaped the elusive search for meaning in personal or professional pursuits.

In Gallup’s World Poll, we see the depths to which many of us are yearning for meaning in our jobs. Of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15 percent reported to Gallup that they felt engaged in their daily work. Americans seem to be only slightly more engaged (around 30 percent responded as such).

These results present a challenge for those of us in the executive coach’s seat.

If 70 percent of the American population is disengaged in their work, where do we start the mending process? How can leaders help their employees find a path to deeper satisfaction in their roles? Millennials reported to Gallup that they weigh their “job” equally or ahead of “family” as their dream. That’s a tall order.

The Search for Meaningful Work

To get some perspective on this topic, we reached out to a few of our executive coaches and asked them what they would say to the person who’s searching for meaningful work.

“Invest in yourself first. Until you own a personal commitment to be better, it’s going to be challenging to find meaningful work.” -Executive Coach Michael Regan

“Connect with what you are naturally drawn to.” -Executive Coach Bill Hart

“Understand your unique gift package. Seek out ways to engage with your unique gifts.” -Executive Coach Dick Savidge

“Create a personal purpose statement — a vision statement for your life. Find ways to live into this personal purpose where you currently work. You’ll be shocked by the opportunities this can create!” -Executive Coach Adam Brantley

“Try to identify the intersection of your passion, your skills and the needs of the organization and community. If you can find a role and do work in that intersection, your work will be very meaningful.” -Executive Coach Dan Foster

How to Find More Meaning in Your Life and Leadership

If you’re searching for meaning in your work, where have you looked so far? What resources have you found helpful?

Our coaches often work with clients who are at a crossroads, seeking more meaningful work and personal lives. One of the first places they start is by exploring the concept of creating a Life Plan.

Our proven life planning process helps leaders intentionally design the life they want. Download your Life Plan Guide today.


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