This 4 Day Event Launched a Business Owner’s Best Year Ever

This Four-Day Event Launched One Business Owner's Best Year Ever This Four-Day Event Launched One Business Owner's Best Year Ever The Building Champions Experience

Like many leaders, Christy Walker knows how difficult it can be to make time for herself.After starting her RE/MAX Signature franchise on the eve of the Great Recession in 2007, the Phoenix real estate broker kept her team afloat through several tough years and even grew her company — but she still struggled to prioritize her personal and professional goals in the daily challenges of running a business.

So last year, when her business coach told her about The Building Champions Experience — a four-day business and life coaching event in Sunriver, Oregon — she knew it would be an opportunity to reassess her business and come back re-energized. She blocked out the dates on her calendar, delegated duties to her staff, coordinated with her husband to arrange care for her two young children and headed to Sunriver in September 2016.

Time to Reflect

At The Experience, attendees heard from experienced speakers, spent time getting to know business coaches, broke into small groups to connect and share advice, spent alone time reflecting and planning, and embarked on outdoor adventures such as canoeing and hiking to enjoy the natural scenery of Central Oregon.

For Walker, the quiet time she spent thinking and writing by the river turned out to be the most impactful.

“Having downtime to seek out what I needed to change and decide what I wanted to create made all the difference,” she says. “I learned that I didn’t prioritize myself enough. I didn’t place enough value on the things I wanted to accomplish.”

She also realized that while she had an inspiring vision for her company, she needed to take it a step further.

“Being able to put pen to paper and describe more of what I really wanted to see, and using specifics, was really important,” she says. “Now I can explain to our team, ‘This is what we’re about and who we represent and how we do business.’”

‘I Needed to Work on Me’

At the end of the week, Walker left The Experience with three specific commitments for the next 90 days, knowing that her coach and her fellow attendees would hold her accountable for carrying them out.

“With a lot of conferences, I’ll walk away with pages of things I would like to work on or implement — but it’s not realistic,” she says. At The Experience, she says, “I was much more intentional about being broad in my vision but very specific on the three items I was going to work on.”

She decided that she would step away from the office for two hours a week to spend time actively working on her business and focusing on recruiting and retention.

The other goals she set were more personal. She chose to review one account from her Life Plan every day, look over her business plan every week and read one book a month. And she committed to pray with her husband daily.

“A lot of circumstances could change, but I needed to work on me,” she says. “At the end of the day, I’m responsible for only what I can control.”

The Best Year Yet

Almost a year after implementing those changes, Walker is now in the middle of her most profitable year ever.

“I’ve already exceeded what I’d done last year, and we’re only halfway through this year,” she says. “Not only has that freed up mental space and financial burden, but it’s allowed me to really think about what I want to invest in, how to show appreciation to my team and what else I could do to help us continue moving forward.”

She’s planning to return to The Building Champions Experience Sept. 11-14 — and this year, she’s bringing her husband, who works as a network engineer.

“I want him to experience what I gain from the community, the tools and the coaching,” she says.

For Walker, the challenges of arranging childcare and missing a week of work are easily outweighed by the benefits she’s seen in her life and business this past year — and she’s confident the same will be true for her husband.

“I know the results from him being able to have this week and get clear with a Life Plan will be infinitely rewarding for us,” she says. “We’re going to see the fruit for years to come.”

How could a few days away impact you and your business? We encourage you to set aside time to reflect and plan — and consider joining us for the 2017 Building Champions Experience Sept. 11-14 in Sunriver, Oregon. It’s an event that could benefit your life and business for years to come.

What do other attendees say about The Experience? Watch the video below to find out.




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