Season 2, Ep. 6: Results Versus Relationships

Results and relationships. Too often, leaders hold them at odds with one another. Either we focus so much on getting stellar results that we neglect building the trust and relationships that are necessary for succeeding as a team, or we focus so much on relationships and making sure everyone gets along that we shy away… Read More

Season 2 Trailer: The Building Champions Podcast

We’re back with Season 2 of The Building Champions Podcast! In this show, we combine interviews and storytelling to help you improve the way you lead and live. In the first half of each episode, we unpack a specific concept and help you see its impact on your leadership through the power of storytelling from… Read More

Season 1, Ep. 7: Great Teams Start With Trust

Trust. It’s a simple word that serves as the source of so much fear, difficulty and confusion in our lives. This is especially true at work, where trust between team members isn’t always easy to come by. But research shows that trust is perhaps the number one thing that healthy teams have in common, and… Read More

Season 1, Ep. 6: Being Right vs. Getting it Right

Healthy teams function at their best when every member of the team is supporting one another and working together to make sure the best ideas and solutions are brought to the table. But whether you’re a leader or a team member, we’ve all had experiences where just the opposite occurs. A teammate dominates the conversation… Read More