10 Mindful Motivators for a Mid-Year Boost

Summer is here and for many of us, that means family vacations, mid-year reviews, and setting new plans to finish the year strong.One trend I’ve noticed is an uptick in activities related to production. Usually, that’s a great opportunity for business professionals to capitalize on. But sometimes it looks like more busyness than business.

I’m finding fewer people are excited about the trends that create opportunities right in front of them. Many are feeling overwhelmed by issues and some are slacking on their fundamentals. Once that happens, you become like a boxer on the ropes — it’s just a matter of time before you get knocked out.

Businesswoman doing mid-year planning with sunshine in office window

It’s Time for a Mid-Year Check-In

As you hit halftime this year, and if you’re feeling very busy, consider some things you can do that consistently drive to success.

1. Be Coachable — the moment you believe you don’t need help is the first sign you’re on the ropes.

2. Be Prepared — showing up for appointments and meetings without an agenda or purpose is a waste of everyone’s time.

3. Be On Time — while we’re at it, showing up late is a real lack of respect for others and leaves a mark on your reputation.

4. Be Rested — sure, you’re working hard, but sleep is like the oil in your engine; without enough of it, you’re grinding.

5. Be Fueled — a good night’s sleep must be combined with good nutrition and regular exercise if you hope to perform with energy.

6. Be a Hard Worker — I’ve never met a successful person who doesn’t work harder than the others he or she competes with.

7. Be Passionate — if you can’t combine your hard work with a passion that drives your will to win, you’ll never be a champion.

8. Be Committed — the road to success is littered with hardworking people who gave up just shy of achieving victory.

9. Be Humble — never forget to acknowledge the people who contribute to you and your dreams along the way.

10. Be Present — give your undivided attention to the person or task you’ve committed to each moment (yes, put the phone down).

Becoming the Best Version of You

Legendary Coach John Wooden built a college basketball empire at UCLA by focusing on the fundamentals. He defined success this way:“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your very best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Why not pause today to get your fundamentals in order so you can give your very best to become the greatest that you are capable of becoming?


This is an updated version of an earlier post, originally published Jun 27, 2016.


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