Here’s How Our Coaches Wrote Their Life Plans

It all starts with one day.

For more than 20 years, we’ve coached our clients to dedicate one full day to creating a Life Plan. We truly believe it’s the best way to inspire meaningful, significant change in your life.

You can spend your day anywhere that allows you to focus and unplug — be it a quiet coffee shop or a luxury hotel. To help you get started, we asked a few of our coaches to share what Life Plan Day looked like for them.

Coach Laurel Emory spent her Life Plan Day writing, reflecting and enjoying nature at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado.

Laurel Emory

Building Champions Coach Laurel EmoryI knew that I wanted the Life Planning time to be something special. I also knew that it was going to be emotionally difficult as I processed through some unmet goals and expectations and allowed myself to press the reset button and start fresh.

I wanted to be somewhere by myself with no time constraints so that I didn’t feel rushed or like someone was waiting for me. So, I chose to do an overnight retreat to my favorite dude ranch in the Colorado Rockies, C Lazy U.

I reserved my favorite cabin that has a cozy living room with a wood-burning fireplace, and no internet access. I brought my Bible and a few of my favorite books that I knew I would turn to for wisdom and good, inspiring quotes. I got a fire going, made myself a cup of tea, curled up with a blanket, pulled out my pen and the Life Plan tool and started working through it.

The ranch serves dinner family style in their lodge, so after a couple of hours of working on my Life Plan, I took a break to join the other guests for dinner and conversation. After dinner, I decided to give myself a break from working on the Life Plan and spent time reading by the fire.

The next morning, after breakfast and some quiet time, I spent a few more hours working on my plan and finished the first iteration of it. I celebrated by doing a little fly fishing — one of my commitments in my ‘me’ account — and then headed home to start living from a greater place of intentionality and purpose.

Michael Regan

Building Champions Coach Michael ReganTo help me draft my first life plan in a memorable way, I chose to fly from Phoenix — where I lived and worked — to Denver — where I chose to spend a day at a friend’s home praying, thinking and writing.

I made plans to celebrate my seven-hour day of hard work on my first draft of the Life Plan — and to help attach a special memory from my trip to Colorado — by spending the evening with my friend at a Cardinals and Rockies baseball game at beautiful Coors Field!

My memories from that entire day, combined with all the great things I captured in writing, made my introduction to Life Planning really fun! And that gave me the boost of energy I needed to keep reviewing it consistently for the first 90 days.

Ten years later, that whole experience really stands out and continues to motivate me to keep dreaming really big, working really hard, and to keep leaning into the areas of life that are important to me.

CEO Mentor Gavin Kerr spent his Life Plan Day rowing, hiking and reflecting on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Gavin Kerr

I spent my Life Plan day in our home on Mount Desert Island in Maine. I chose that place because I feel a sense of peace there and can take long walks to think stuff through.

I sat at our kitchen table with lots of sun streaming in but did my best thinking on the hiking paths and in my rowing shell. The time away from phones, email and day-to-day rush made all the difference.

How Will You Spend Your One Day?

Thousands of leaders have used our Life Planning system to design a life they love — and you can do it, too.

We’ve created a guide to help you get the most out of your Life Plan Day so you can start living each day more proactively and intentionally.

Download our One Day Guide to learn more.


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