4 Powerful Questions to Help You End The Year Strong

As the end of 2016 draws near, we know that many of our clients are busy with year-end work deadlines, holiday parties, and family commitments.  There seems to be a growing pressure to fit more activities in less time without losing sight of the priorities that matter most.   Below are four powerful questions to ask yourself so you can end the year strong.

  • What goals did I accomplish this year? Looking back, are you satisfied with what you accomplished in 2016? If not, resolve to achieve those goals before year-end. Sometimes a deadline is just what you need to expedite progress. Or, if the goal isn’t feasible in the next few weeks, consider breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that you can accomplish before year-end. If you are happy with the progress you made this year, congratulations! Reflect on how you accomplished it, and think of steps to replicate that success going forward.
  • How can I be present during the holidays? The season will be hectic. The temptation is to run from activity to activity to fulfill all of your holiday obligations. We recommend taking time to get clear on what will make this season meaningful for you and focus on those activities. Make a list of what your priorities are and schedule them into your calendar now rather than scrambling to fit them all in. With a clear plan to get everything done, you can begin to focus on what’s right in front of you. Challenge yourself to be present in every moment. Spend time thinking about what you are thankful for and find ways to share that with the people in your life. If done right, you can use the holiday season to recharge your batteries and be mentally and physically ready to start the new year with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Have I set aside a day to revise my Life Plan & Business Vision? At Building Champions, we coach all our clients to have a Life Plan and a Business Vision. And in addition to regularly reviewing them, we encourage our clients to invest one day to take a deeper dive to reevaluate and revise their plans. We find that this time allows our clients to adjust their plans as needed and move into the new year with clarity and conviction on what’s most important in both their business and life.

    Note: If you have never created a Life Plan or Business Vision, you can download the tools here. You can also  read the Best-Selling Book “Living Forward” by Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy for a great overview of the life planning process.

  • How will I start the new year strong? Start next year with momentum by creating a Simple One-Page Business Plan for the first quarter. Identify the goals, disciplines and projects you will focus on during the first 3 months of the year so that you can hit the ground running in January and lay the foundation for a successful year. Be sure to share your plan with someone –a friend, a mentor, or a coach — to sharpen your thinking and hold you accountable.

 Don’t just drift through the holiday season. Intentionally end the year well so that you can start the new year with meaning and purpose.



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