7 Reasons to Get Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help those who are struggling, but it’s also for those who just want to maximize their potential.

A well-designed coaching engagement is all about helping someone figure out what they’re doing well and how they can capitalize on those things for greater success. It isn’t just for those who are at risk in their role (although it can help there as well); executive coaching is a great option for anyone who feels they are underperforming or just wants to do a better job.

We’ve identified 7 key reasons to hire an executive coach.

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Decide What To Do Next

Sometimes in business, it’s easy to look up and wonder “What’s next? Where do I go from here?”

As you work every day, staying busy with the here and now, you can lose sight of strategy and goals. This is where an executive coach can help you create plans for yourself, your team and your business. When you hire a coach, you bring in ideas from an outside source, allowing for bigger, more creative goals and the accountability to reach them.

Get An Objective Perspective

Many people realize they need to hire an executive coach because they can no longer see things objectively, and they realize the people with whom they’ve surrounded themselves aren’t going to help them get where they need to go. This might be because the team is too homogenous or dysfunctional, or maybe the group just lacks the full set of skills needed to advance the organization.

A coaching engagement provides an objective perspective and someone who can speak honestly on tough topics because they are in fact an outsider.

 Young business leader learns on the job

Grow Your Business

It’s easy to talk about growing the business, improving sales, upgrading talent and more, but by working with an executive coach, you gain skills in your toolbox you never knew you needed.

It’s also quite possible that what you really need from an executive coach is a sounding board from outside your business who can come alongside you to provide feedback, direction, and accountability. A coach can help you figure out what’s working so you can do more of it and identify where you need to course-correct.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Our executive coaches will tell you that great leaders aren’t born — they’re made. In addition to studying the leadership giants through books and workshops, working with a coach can deliver enhanced business and personal results.

Quit telling yourself that your leadership abilities simply are what they are. Hire a coach to capitalize on what you already do really well and minimize or improve the areas where you’re struggling.

Understand Why You Do What You Do

It happens often that we spend years, even decades, doing things without even really knowing why. We fail to think through our motivations or undergo self-analysis to better understand ourselves. We might not really know what makes us tick, leaving us without ideas on how to do better in interactions or how to recognize what is important to us.

A knowledgeable executive coach will look first to understand you and, more importantly, help you understand yourself. They might use a tool such as DISC and they’ll almost certainly ask you to create some sort of Life Plan to force you to think through what you really want to be doing and how you want to spend your time.

This is where you have the opportunity to work with your executive coach on work-life balance and learn to be intentional with how you spend your time and energy.

 Coaching leader works alongside employee

We Can All Learn From Others

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. None of us has managed to fully maximize our potential. A coaching engagement provides a safe place to really decide what you do well and want to do more of versus those areas where you feel like you frequently struggle.

An executive coach can help you break bad habits, try new approaches, and even challenge your own assumptions about your life and your work. By bringing in an outside executive coach, you give yourself permission to think differently and even make intimidating, exciting changes for yourself.

Wise leaders know they can’t afford to ever stop learning, and when you hire a coach, you position yourself for ongoing learning and ever greater wisdom.  

Invest In Your Team

What about the rest of your team? If you can gain all these benefits by working with a coach, imagine how effective your team could be if each member had their own coaching engagement.  If each individual was self-aware and empowered to be their best self, imagine what would happen to team morale as well as productivity.

Still Wondering If You Could Use an Executive Coach?

Do you believe you are working to your full potential? Are you meeting all your personal and business objectives? Are you feeling focused and fulfilled in your work? If the answer to any of these questions is no, we recommend you talk to a coach today.


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