Steps to Win Your Morning Routine

As much as we try to create a winning morning routine, many of us check our email as soon as we wake up — and dive right into it. It’s the same for the president of the company as it is for the sales professional — we want to grow and improve, but unless we’re conscious of it, nothing changes.

Not everybody is a morning person, but your day is better when it starts with a routine rooted in a few key principles. Successful people recognize that offloading decision-making helps them stay focused. It’s scientifically proven that we’re better in the morning. According to the National Institute of Health, while we sleep, our brains are sweeping and cleaning up from the day. This means that when we wake up, our mind is restored and prepared for the day.

Here are some fundamentals for starting your day:

The Sound of Silence

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Start it off calm, clear and with purpose. We could all use a little less stress in our lives, so if that means getting up before your kids or going to a different part of the house, take a few moments to start your morning with tranquility.

In our multi-tasking world, it’s not easy to clear our heads, but studies show that just a few moments of peace can have a drastic impact on our health.

Expect this to be hard if not impossible initially, but it gets easier. Just one minute each morning with a clear head will quickly turn from a challenge to a necessity.

Get Physical

You don’t have to run a marathon when you wake up. Getting your blood flowing for just a few minutes gives you the energy you need to think clearly and stay focused. Health magazine has some great morning workout videos.

Exercise releases endorphins – also known as nature’s mood elevator – which has been shown to improve memory.  So next time you tell yourself “I don’t have time” or “I’m too tired”, you’re really saying, “I don’t want to be focused” or “I don’t want to feel as good as I could”.

Book Worm

Reading in the morning instead of before bed means we’re less likely to put it off. It also means that you’re engaging your mind beyond daily tasks. Thinking critically right away sets a pace for the rest of the day. Start with a manageable goal. Just a few pages a day adds up. Get your book list started with Business Insider’s “Business Leaders Favorite Books”.

Plus, the next time someone asks, have you read any good books lately? You’ll have a thoughtful and impressive answer.

It’s a Plan

Review your Life Plan and schedule for the day. Where do they overlap? If you’re not scheduling time for your life goals, how can you be on track to achieve them? Maybe that means date night with your spouse or going to an event at your child’s school. Make decisions in the morning that represent the person you want to become.

When you think about important decisions and decide on action items while your mind is fresh, it will help you later when you’re tired from the day. If you don’t have a Life Plan, download our free tool so you can start being intentional with your life.

We’ve developed a morning guide for high-performers. “You Are Your Morning Routine” will help you discover a level of organization that puts your life in balance. You’ll see improvements in your health and job performance As part of our Core Four coaching foundation, we know when your life is in balance, you’re in line to grow your business and revenue.

Your days can be filled with health, happiness, and success but in order to be the leader you desire, you need to be prepared before you get to work. You make decisions every day that determine who you are going to be for the rest of your life. Take action to learn, grow and be just a little bit better.


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