Episode 3: Are You Sure?

Published Date: 05-28-2019

In This Episode

  • Daniel Harkavy

    Daniel is the Founder and CEO of Building Champions, Inc. For the past 20-plus years, he has been coaching business leaders to peak levels of performance, profitability and fulfillment. In additionto serving as a CEO Mentor and trusted confidant to high-profile leaders, Daniel is also a sought-after speaker and best-selling author.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    With nearly 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and executive management, Jonathan is well-equipped to help his clients cut through the noise and make effective strategic decisions. In addition to coaching leaders and teams, Jonathan manages a team of Building Champions’ executive coaches and leads internal coach training and development. Born and raised in England, Jonathan has called the United States home for more than 20 years.

  • Todd Mosetter

    As Vice President of Content Development, Todd’s primary job is to understand the story and science behind great leadership—and translate it into messages, content, products and presentations that help others improve how they lead themselves, their teams and their organizations well. Prior to joining Building Champions, he served in various marketing and communications roles all focused on delivering compelling messages that drove measurable outcomes.

  • Annie Duke

    Annie Duke has leveraged her expertise in the science of smart decision making to excel at pursuits as varied as championship poker to public speaking. In 2018, Annie’s first book for general audiences, “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” was released, and it quickly became a national bestseller. As a former professional poker player, she has won more than $4 million in tournament poker. During her career, Annie won a World Series of Poker bracelet, and is the only women to have won the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions, and the NBC National Poker Heads-Up Championship.

“If the person in the room who’s in the leadership role says what their opinion is about something [first], generally what will happen is the people in the room will tend to start to reason toward that opinion. . . Once you’ve said that thing. . . you’ve ruined the ability for that person to give you high fidelity feedback.”

- Annie Duke

“When we talk about the quality of a decision, more often than not we tend to tie the outcome of a decision to the quality of the process that we used [to make that decision.]”

- Todd Mosetter

Resources From This Episode

Poker champion turned business consultant Annie Duke teaches you how to get comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions as a result.

Episode Show Notes

Our brains love simple narratives and black-and-white thinking. But unfortunately for our brains, life is usually never that simple. In many of the decisions we make, both at home and at work, there are often multiple variables at play, there is some important information we do not have access to, and luck can play a big role in how things turn out. And when we try to oversimplify something when it’s actually nuanced and complex, our decision-making suffers.

Join us as we talk with decision-making expert and former poker player Annie Duke as she highlights the common gaps in our thinking, and what you as a leader can do to embrace uncertainty in your decision-making and get better results.


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