Season 2, Ep. 5: When Life Throws a Curveball

Published Date: 10-29-2019

In This Episode

  • Daniel Harkavy

    Daniel is the Founder and CEO of Building Champions, Inc. For the past 20-plus years, he has been coaching business leaders to peak levels of performance, profitability and fulfillment. In addition to serving as a CEO Mentor and trusted confidant to high-profile leaders, Daniel is also a sought-after speaker and best-selling author.

  • Shannon Eckmann

    Resourceful and supportive, Shannon has a track record of guiding operations and leaders within the non-profit and corporate environments. Shannon loves coaching clients on a wide range of issues, including organizational development and dynamics, communication and conflict, critical thinking, leadership and team development, and work/life balance. In addition to coaching, Shannon also serves as a board member for The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology, as well as Bridge Meadows, an organization that develops intergenerational neighborhoods supporting both adoptive families of foster children and older adults.

  • Todd Mosetter

    As Vice President of Content Development, Todd’s primary job is to understand the story and science behind great leadership—and translate it into messages, content, products and presentations that help others improve how they lead themselves, their teams and their organizations well. Prior to joining Building Champions, he served in various marketing and communications roles all focused on delivering compelling messages that drove measurable outcomes.

  • Bill Mosiello

    Bill Mosiello currently serves as associate head coach and hitting/offensive coach for Texas Christian University’s baseball team. Since joining TCU’s staff in 2013, Bill has helped lead the team to four straight College World Series appearances from 2014 to 2017. With decades of experience coaching in both the minor leagues and the college ranks, Bill has worked with over 80 major league players, 28 All-Stars, two batting title winners, two AL MVPs and one AL Rookie of the Year.

“You don’t need to have all the right answers or some elaborate, foolproof plan in order to get through the unexpected challenges life throws at you. But trust in yourself—that is absolutely essential if you hope to rise to the occasion.”

- Daniel Harkavy

“Surprises are character revealing times, not character building times. And so if a leader really has been doing the good work of . . . figuring out what are my values, how do I want to lead my life, then when a surprise comes, they have a way to work through it.”

- Shannon Eckmann

Resources From This Episode

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Episode Show Notes

Life has a way of surprising us. We can dream, plan and prepare all we want, but sooner or later life is going to throw us a curveball. It could be a problem at work: an unexpected move by a competitor or a downturn in the market. Or it could be a problem at home, like receiving a scary diagnosis out of the blue. Whatever you may be facing, it’s not our ability to avoid life’s curveballs, but our ability to react and respond to them well that will determine our success as people and as leaders.

Join us as we hear from Bill Mosiello—an accomplished baseball coach and hitting instructor—about how handling curveballs is all about the mindset you bring to the plate.

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