Who We Are

Many leadership development companies focus only on what leaders do — their behaviors. We take a different approach.

By focusing on both the beliefs and behaviors of great leadership, we equip and inspire extraordinary leaders, teams and organizations from the inside out.

With the heart of a boutique firm and more than 20 coaches on staff, we provide executive coaching and leadership development to help your leaders make a lasting impact and deliver meaningful results.

Our core principles

Leadership is a journey.

Great leaders know that they’ve never arrived, that there is always a chance to do more, to be more. They are not driven by a title or position but rather a purpose to make a greater difference in the lives of those they lead and serve. And like any journey, it’s always easier with a guide. So they are humble and always surround themselves with people who can not only show them the way but also share their experience and help them carry the load and burden that comes with leadership.

It's about results and relationships.

When it comes to leadership, results matter, and the best leaders have a proven track record of delivering them. But they also know that truly exceptional performance requires a team of people working together for a common purpose, and they aren’t willing to trade culture for performance. In fact, by investing in the people around them, they create a culture that brings out the best in others and fuels even greater success.

Better people make better leaders.

The best leaders and companies truly care about their people — who they are and what they hope to become. Not just between the hours of 9 to 5, but in all areas of their life. They understand that it’s impossible to cleanly separate work and life anymore. They choose to invest time and energy to help their teammates become truly integrated leaders so they can be the best possible versions of themselves — at work, at home and in their communities. And they see this not only as a unique opportunity but their greatest responsibility as leaders.

Leadership is simple, not easy.

Rather than making something more complex then it needs to be, we believe leadership is simple. It comes down to the decisions you make and the influence you have. Every issue leaders face can be put into one (if not both) of these categories. But simple and easy aren’t the same thing. In order to make the best decisions and grow their influence, leaders must work to see beyond their own vantage point and broaden their perspective as they always look for ways to better understand how others see their business and leadership.

It starts with self-leadership.

To be effective, great leaders start by focusing on how they lead themselves. By better understanding how they think, believe and feel, they can improve their relationships, get clear on the right actions to take and ultimately deliver better results. But it all begins with how they show up and interact with those around them, and they take ownership in always looking for ways to improve the way they lead themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Our approach

We approach our work by starting at the source, working with individuals one-on-one. This is where the magic begins. Using our proven Core Four Success Puzzle® methodology, our executive coaches guide each client through the process of creating a Life Plan, business plan, business vision and priority management system. By working one-on-one to develop each leader from the inside out, we help you build stronger teams and create healthier organizations. We aim to change our communities and our world, one leader at a time.


The foundation of organizational success is individual success. Strong leaders who first lead themselves well can then develop effective, high-performing, healthy teams. That's why we use our Core Four methodology as the foundation for executive coaching and leadership development. We understand that business and life are inextricably linked, and we coach our clients to be successful in both. Self-leadership always precedes team leadership.

Team Leadership

Exceptional leaders successfully develop people and deliver results. They must be able to effectively manage and lead others. Our coaches equip and inspire leaders to lead high-performing teams and build dynamic cultures.

Organizational Leadership

As leaders grow their influence, they must shift their gaze beyond their role and department to make a meaningful impact across their organization. This requires a different set of skills and a broader perspective, which must be intentionally developed. With over 20 coaches on staff and processes developed over two decades, we have the ability to help leaders of organizations drive organizational excellence and achieve extraordinary results for all stakeholders.

Our team

Each member of our team has been carefully selected for their relevant, real-world experience, unique talents and exceptional passion for helping our clients succeed.

Our coaches exemplify our beliefs and approach, bringing it all to life by building lasting relationships and driving exceptional results.

We’re proud to work with a team of dedicated professionals who support our coaches and our clients, making our work possible.

If you have a passion for serving others, a belief in the importance of continuous improvement and a desire to contribute to a team of strong leaders, we might be looking for you!

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