Dan Foster

Dan Foster

Vice President, Principal Coach
Lake Oswego, OR

Throughout his career, Dan Foster has successfully helped executives, small business owners, and sales professionals increase their influence, make better decisions, and achieve the results they desire. He loves helping leaders live and lead with greater intentionality and purpose.

In addition to coaching leaders and teams, Dan manages a team of Building Champions’ executive coaches and leads internal coach training and development. He also oversees client relationships in the retail, technology, hospitality, healthcare and telecommunications industries.

Before joining Building Champions, Dan found success as a licensed real estate broker and developed his leadership and coaching skills while growing a sales team and managing two local branches for a top real estate company in the Pacific Northwest. Dan expanded the company into new geographic markets, gained top market share in those markets, and won several awards for operational excellence. Dan’s success is largely attributed to the strong coaching culture he fostered within the company.

Dan earned his MBA at George Fox University in 2005. He joined Building Champions as an Executive Coach in 2011. While his primary focus is on One-on-One Coaching, Dan is also frequently invited to speak to large audiences, facilitate workshops, and conduct leadership assessments for his clients.

Dan and his wife Sarah live in Newberg, Oregon, where they are raising their two children, Emma and Jackson.  They are actively involved in their local church and community.  In his free time, Dan enjoys writing, the outdoors, spending time with his children and traveling with his wife.

“Dan has been a tremendous impact on my life.  Everything has improved since working with him.  I’ve had more time with family, time to myself, my relationships have improved and I’ve had clearer focus both at home and at work.  All while my personal life has been improving, Dan provided guidance towards ways I could increase business earnings.  My earnings are now over 30% higher since I started coaching and the amazing part is the number of hours I work each week has been significantly reduced."

- Carrie Pierce-Johnson, Realtor at Coldwell Banker Danforth

Areas of Expertise
  • Long-Term Strategic Vision
  • Team Health
  • Creating a Coaching Culture
  • Strategic Operations
  • Branch & Regional Sales
  • Researching Family History

A few clients Dan has worked with

“If I get to help people achieve their goals, realize their vision, and be purposeful in their life, then that's what I want to do every single day.”

- Dan Foster, Executive Coach

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