Gerrit Cormany

Gerrit Cormany

CEO Mentor
Bozeman, MT and Scottsdale, AZ

Known for a tireless work ethic and hands-on approach to leadership and executive development, Gerrit delivers results for his clients.

Gerrit's broad banking knowledge and experience, combined with a background in running and operating companies, have resulted in measurable positive outcomes for clients across multiple industries and disciplines.

Gerrit has extensive executive experience ranging from president to CFO. He joined Building Champions in 2014 to advise executive level clients in their most challenging issues and opportunities resulting in improved operating and financial results, increased client satisfaction, and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Throughout his career, Gerrit has had the opportunity to establish a strong network of contacts nationwide. Significant accomplishments include developing senior management teams, increasing revenues and financial results, and improving strategic planning outcomes.

Gerrit holds a B.S. in Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy, an MBA in Finance from Gonzaga University, and a Graduate Degree in Banking from PCBS at the University of Washington.

Active in community organizations, Gerrit has served on boards for the United Way, University of Arizona Foundation, TMC Healthcare and the Tucson Economic Development Council. Gerrit and his wife Carla live in Bozeman, Montana and Scottsdale, Arizona, where they can be found on the golf course, bike trail, fly fishing or lost in a good book.

“I wanted a mentor I could look up to. Gerrit shared lessons from his life and his experience as a way of giving back. He focused on helping me become a better person and a better leader.” 

- Roger Nielsen, President and CEO at Daimler Trucks North America

Areas of Expertise
  • Leadership Development
  • Building Culture
  • Transition Management
  • Business Vision
  • Healthcare, Finance, Hospitality
  • Flying Airplanes

A few clients Gerrit has worked with

"I coach not to give answers, but to ask questions and share lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made.”

- Gerrit Cormany, CEO Mentor

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