Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

Vice President, Principal Coach
Lake Oswego, OR

With nearly 30 years of sales, marketing and executive management experience, Jonathan helps his clients really get their arms around the mess and noise of strategic issues.

By helping to put structure and shape to their plans, he equips clients to take meaningful action. Practical, hands-on business knowledge combined with his natural relationship skills allow him to help clients execute plans that achieve results.

In addition to coaching leaders and teams, Jonathan manages a team of Building Champions’ executive coaches and leads internal coach training and development. He also oversees client relationships in the manufacturing, construction, transportation and agriculture industries.

Prior to joining Building Champions, Jonathan was in the C-suite as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a forest products manufacturer with over $1.5 Billion in annual sales. Prior to that, he was the National Sales and Marketing Director for a leading manufacturer of building products, where he led the team to nearly double top-line sales and consistently grow profits over a five-year period.

While Jonathan gets a rush from achieving results and booking business, his real passion is around developing people and helping others grow into high-performing leaders. He has a proven track record of implementing innovative processes while building healthy teams and successful individuals.

Born and raised in England, Jonathan has called the United States home for more than 20 years. He lives with his wife of 26 years in Lake Oswego, Oregon and loves being a husband, father and grandfather. He serves at his local church and is President of the Board of Directors for the Micah Project, a ministry in Honduras.

“Without question, Building Champions changed my life. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I needed a quantum leap forward in my effectiveness. The focus and clarity I have now is a result of Jonathan’s excellent coaching and support. Highest recommendation."

- Tom Paul, CEO Pop Art, Inc.

Areas of Expertise
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Vision to Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Team Health
  • Navigating Internal Politics
  • English Premier League Football

A few clients Jonathan has worked with

“I love to play a unique role with my clients whereby I have absolutely no other agenda than their success. Is there anyone else in their life like that?”

- Jonathan Rogers, Executive Coach

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