Our Staff

Ask any one of our team members why they enjoy working at Building Champions and they'll say it's because of the people — our clients and each other. Our team members ensure that Building Champions delivers exceptional service in everything we do.

  • Building Champions Staff | Lynne Brown

    Lynne Brown

    Chief of Staff (Est. 2005)
  • Building Champions Staff | Kaitlin Cloninger

    Kaitlin Cloninger

    Coach Partner (Est. 2018)
  • Building Champions Staff | Kirsten Chong

    Kirsten Chong

    Client Support Specialist (Est. 2020)
  • Building Champions Staff | Katie Hoffman

    Katie Hoffman

    Director of Experiences (Est. 2004)
  • Building Champions Staff | Kit Johnson

    Kit Johnson

    Controller (Est. 2000)
  • Building Champions Staff | Garima Mathur

    Garima Mathur

    Financial Analyst (Est. 2018)
  • Building Champions Staff | Kathy Mears

    Kathy Mears

    Client Experience Coordinator (Est. 2018)
  • Building Champions Staff | Kristin Moreno

    Kristin Moreno

    Digital Marketing Manager (Est. 2006)
  • Building Champions Staff | Todd Mosetter

    Todd Mosetter

    Vice President, Content Development (Est. 2010)
  • Building Champions Staff | Cara O'Halloran

    Cara O'Halloran

    Coaching Practice Manager (Est. 2015)
  • Building Champions Staff | Rachel Schoenheider

    Rachel Schoenheider

    Content Operations Coordinator (Est. 2017)
  • Building Champions Staff | Carlos Stevenson

    Carlos Stevenson

    Enterprise Relationship Manager (Est. 2013)
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