Workshops and Retreats

Your catalyst for greater connection

Workshops and retreats serve as a turning point, fostering greater communication and alignment within teams. Our experienced coaches work with you to understand the needs of your organization, recommending the ideal experience and the most targeted topics. Whether you're looking for a powerful keynote, a practical workshop or a perfectly executed executive retreat, our coaches bring the perfect mix of experience and skills you're looking for.


  • Expert facilitation by experienced executive coaches
  • Interactive, hands-on format
  • Customized approach to meet your unique needs
  • Focus on inspiration and insights to motivate action
  • A clear roadmap for reaching goals
  • Exceptional planning and logistics provided by our events team

"One of the biggest outcomes of our private experience with Building Champions was the personal growth of our individual leaders. They're better leaders and they're more balanced with the people that they're leading and supervising as a result of it."

- Brett Barriage, CEO of Premier Equipment

Workshop and retreat offerings

We offer a variety of programs to address the unique needs of all types of leaders, helping them transform their lives and their organizations.

  • Executive Retreats
    Our executive coaches work with your leadership team to assess your current state and build a vision for your ideal future, helping to plot the course for how your team can work together to bridge the gap.

  • Team Off-Sites
    Build alignment and shared goals through our interactive and fully customized off-site experiences. We create the experience based on the needs and size of your team using a mix of speaking sessions, reflection time, coaching breakouts and activities to foster connection.

  • Workshops
    We bring our coaches to you, offering leadership development training for your team, focusing on the topics that address your greatest needs. Attendees leave with a sense of focus and a new commitment to the steps required to reach their goals.

  • Keynotes
    Make an impact on your event attendees by offering a relevant and memorable keynote address. Our experienced keynote speakers can offer inspiration or training, crafting a custom message to meet your needs.

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