Becoming a Coaching Leader

A two-day workshop for leaders who are committed to developing engaged, effective employees.

People don’t leave companies — they leave leaders.

They leave because their direct supervisor doesn’t give them what they need to feel excited, motivated, accountable or loyal — or worse, makes them feel actively disengaged, frustrated and unappreciated.

So how do you develop engaged, dependable, emotionally invested employees?

The first step is to stop seeing yourself as a manager of people and to start seeing yourself as a “Coaching Leader.”

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, your executive coach will guide you through the mindsets and beliefs of Coaching Leaders and offer practical ways to develop your coaching skills. You’ll walk away with systems and disciplines to be an effective Coaching Leader and a proven framework to drive alignment, engagement and results.

We've been coaching leaders, teams and organizations for more than two decades — and our founder and CEO literally wrote the book on coaching leadership. We'll bring the experience and expertise to help you and your team to build a thriving culture, one leader at a time.

This workshop is fully customizable; we'll work with you before the event to make sure your workshop fits your team's needs.

Ideal for:

Managers and Leaders with Direct Reports


2 Days


  • Understanding the mindset and beliefs of Coaching Leaders
  • Practical ways to develop your coaching skills
  • The proven Coaching Leader framework for driving alignment, engagement and results
  • Systems and disciplines of effective Coaching Leaders


  • Become inspired and equipped to be a Coaching Leader
  • Gain skills that will improve your ability to develop people and deliver results
  • Learn practical ways to support your employees' well-being, vision, execution and productivity
  • Discover a proven structure for 1-on-1 meetings with your direct reports


This interactive workshop is facilitated by Building Champions' experienced executive coaches and designed to provide the inspiration and insights needed to drive toward action. The workshop can be customized to meet your group's unique requirements.

“Too often, managers think that people development occurs once a year in performance reviews. That's not even close. It should be a daily event integrated into every aspect of your regular goings-on.” 

- Jack Welch

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