Improving Communication Through DISC

Communication: it’s an essential part of every relationship, and those who do it well always seem to thrive. But effective communication isn’t a natural talent that you either have or don’t — it can be acquired through practice and a greater understanding of human behavior.

In this workshop, discover the four DISC behavioral styles and how to identify them in yourself and in the people you interact with daily. Armed with an understanding of this proven assessment, you’ll build on your strengths as a communicator and learn how to adapt to the communication styles of others. You’ll make discoveries about communication that will improve your working relationships, sales skills and leadership effectiveness.  

Bring this knowledge to an entire team, and watch the benefits multiply as meetings are streamlined, conflicts are resolved quickly, and teamwork grows.

Ideal for:

Teams, Leaders, Sales Professionals
Anyone who relies on effective communication to succeed


1/2 Day


  • Understanding DISC Behavioral Language
  • Identifying your personal DISC profile, and the strengths and weaknesses associated with your natural style of behavior
  • Recognizing how others communicate
  • Adapting your style to meet the communication needs of others


  • Receive your personal DISC profile
  • Gain improved self-awareness about how you handle conflict, stress, motivation and problem-solving
  • Learn skills for improved communication with any other DISC style
  • Discover strategies for handling conflict and improving teamwork
  • Build communication skills that will enrich all relationships — professional and personal


This interactive workshop is facilitated by Building Champions' experienced executive coaches and designed to provide the inspiration and insights needed to drive toward action. The workshop can be customized to meet your group's unique requirements.
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