Managing Your Emotional Intelligence

In order to be effective, leaders and team members need to understand the interpersonal dynamics that fuel success. They need to know not just how to do the job, but how to do the job well with others.

Like it or not, our emotions play a huge role in our professional lives. We all lose control at times and struggle with the right way to respond to stress without destroying our relationships. This is exactly why Emotional Intelligence — the awareness, understanding, and ability to control one’s own emotions — is so crucial. 

In this workshop, you’ll identify the skills to build self-awareness and improved Emotional Intelligence. While some people seem to naturally possess this “soft skill,” you’ll discover that this strength can actually be learned, practiced and coached in others. Your coach will explain the brain science behind emotions and teach you how to control your response. 

Teams who improve their emotional intelligence together leave with stronger communication, more cohesive working relationships, and a greater sense of teamwork, which drives better results.

Ideal for:

Teams, Leaders
Anyone who relies on relationships to get the job done


1/2 Day


  • The concept of EQ and how it impacts performance
  • The science behind how your brain works, and how to make it work for you, not against you
  • The key components of Emotional Intelligence, and how to master them
  • How to identify and overcome the triggers that negatively affect emotions


  • Gain a greater awareness of your own emotional triggers and how they're holding you back in your professional relationships
  • Discover proven tactics to regulate emotional highs and lows
  • Learn strategies to adapt your reactions and channel them into positive outcomes
  • Identify best practices to create more productive relationships that yield better results


This interactive workshop is facilitated by Building Champions' experienced executive coaches and designed to provide the inspiration and insights needed to drive toward action. The workshop can be customized to meet your group's unique requirements.
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